Cookie Fu
12 Dice

Cookie Fu - Fortune Cookie Fighter

Fortune Dice

Common Fu

Learned Strike
Learned Kick
Learned Block
Learned Grab
Learned Throw

Master Strike
Master Kick
Master Block
Master Grab
Master Throw

So, Grasshopper, you wish to learn Cookie Fu? Only with a strong mind and plenty of practice will you master moves like the Sweet Flaky Kick or the Devastating Hurl of Crumbled Fate. Do not despair though, my young student. Cookie Fu is quick, fun, and easy to learn, yet difficult to master. What do you get with Cookie Fu you ask? The starter pack includes Fu and Fortune dice, simple and easy to understand rules, and crunchy custom fortune cookie all packed in mini-take out pail. Defeat your opponents, crush their cookies and unlock hidden moves. Collect all Fu Fortunes if your skill is strong enough. Build more powerful fighters with booster pack and rare chase cookies. Tossing your cookies has never been so much fun!

Fortune cookie fighter is a fast and furious collectable dice game where two players battle against each other to see who's fu is best! Each player needs one pack to play. Normal play time runs about 10-15 min per match and best 2 out of 3 matches wins the battle. It's campy, quirky and full of take out yummy goodness. The game is expandable by buying additional booster packs to make a more powerful fighters. Do you have what it takes to be a Grandmaster Cookie Fu Fighter?